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About Us

A t-shirt screen printing studio that understands the requirements of bands trying to make the concept of being in a band sustainable. You want quality band merch for your fans at a fair price so you can put more money into your music project. We work with lots of bands printing merch and shipping screen-printed t-shirts all over the UK and EU. Getting your band merch from a reliable supplier can be a competitive business but we promise great quality and quick delivery. Whether on tour, for your online store, or just that local gig down the pub, a t-shirt with your design is the best way to at least cover your costs as a band. Pictures speak a thousand words so we invite you to check out our work on our gallery page here or follow us on Instagram here

If you are a management agency or record label get in touch. We also print for clubs, fashion, workwear, and retail. Contact us for a quote.

If you are a company requiring embroidered workwear or hi-viz clothing please feel free to contact us with your requirements, we do that too!

We are committed to Kaizen-style improvement in the quality of our screen printing services and the sustainability of our processes. We have, and continue to invest blood, sweat & tears in the screen printing processes to ensure we provide the best merch we possibly can.

And, if you think you'd rather get your merch from one of the "awesome" big companies instead, just remember we didn't start a crowd funding page, raise £650,000 and then go into a pre-pack administration with all our assets transferred to a new company run by the same owner, causing thousands of people to lose their money. You couldn't make it up! but you can read more about it here!



We offer many different ink finishes, all printed to the highest standards. Screen prints that bright & opaque to make your design stand out.

It's all in the details

Band merch printing can be easy but printing high quality halftone dots is something else. Your mate in his garage might have a one colour press and a heat gun but you will be doing your fans a disservice. Get it done right the first time.

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You guys are screen printing gods!


Can we get a link to our BandCamp page?

Obey Cobra

Do you ship to Denmark?