Terms & Conditions along with Our Privacy & Cancellation/Refunds Policy.

Terms & Conditions

You agree to us using a small low-resolution image of the printed garment in our gallery if we choose to, please contact us if you require an image removing.

Supplied Garments
We do not normally screen print on garments supplied by the customer. If you request this service and we accept the job, normal “contract” terms apply.

Contract Terms and Conditions:-

Please supply 1 over per size/colour combination. Any spoiled garments will not be replaced. Agreed turnaround starts when all garments have been received and counted by us.

Delivery Policy

Deliveries are by courier and will need to be signed for. A tracking number can be supplied on request and are normally on the next day or 48hr basis.
Payment Policy

All orders must be paid for in full before the commencement of your job.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. We do not share, sell or pass on your email address to any 3rd parties.


We provide a mock-up on our order confirmation however the accuracy of any mock-up is subjective. The image takes no account of the print on different size garments in your order and the colour reproduction of a physical screen print cannot be accurately re-created for an RGB screen. Whilst we make every effort to adjust the artwork to produce a close representation of the final item the saturation, gamut and colour model of screen printed colours will never match those of the colour space of a digital device. This has little bearing on spot colour artwork however simulated process prints may experience colour shift from the original artwork. We aim to get your print as close as possible but we will not be held responsible if a particular colour prints slightly stronger or weaker on press.
We provide physical dimensions of the print sizes and these should be used rather than the visual representation of a mock up. Again, print position is subjective and we will not be held responsible if the print is a little higher or lower on the garment than expected. Whilst garments are printed by machine they are loaded by hand and you should allow a small variation (+ or – 10mm) of vertical print position due to this.


Please assume that we be manually mixing the ink for your project. You may request an exact pantone to be ordered for your project, which will be mixed in-house, Color and pantone matching on textiles is not exact or guaranteed although we typically are able to print colors very close, if not perfectly matched. There may be a reasonable variation in color due to a number of factors. You cannot trust the colors in our mockup to be true when viewed on a monitor or printed page. Using a current Pantone book is the best way to accurately communicate color with us. If you are sensitive about the print color then please verify against a Pantone swatch. We cannot be held responsible for a color verified against the visual mockup only.

Cancellation/Refunds Policy

Please note that a 5% charge of the total value of the original order will be made on all cancelled orders plus a £10.00 charge to cover administration costs. Any costs incurred for work already carried out up to the date of written cancellation will also be charged for and deducted before any refunds are made.

Mistakes & Misprints

In the event that we make an error in printing your garments, then we will reprint the order for you at no additional cost. We no longer offer refunds due to the nature of custom work. This rarely happens and really only applies to serious mistakes like printing the incorrect artwork, printing the wrong location, or ordering the wrong colour garments etc. Print position variations within 10mm horizontally and vertically are deemed to be within acceptable limits, garments are after all loaded on to the printing press by hand and add to this the variation in the positions collars & sleeves are sewn on at the manufacturers it becomes clear that pinpoint accuracy in this area becomes pointless.

In this (and any printing industry), misprints happen. Mesh can rip, we may find a defect in the garment, the garment may come from a bad batch in terms of dying etc. There are numerous things that could go wrong but we manage to keep misprints and defects as low as possible over the course of a year. This isn’t to say that your order will be guaranteed to have more than a small percentage of misprints, this just how it is. If we misprint a few of your garments then we will NOT charge you for these, and we’ll likely even throw them in with the order at no charge if they are passable. Since misprints can happen, we’d encourage you to order extra garments if you need exact quantities due to preorders or team member requests. For example, if you are ordering a single Extra Small garment for your kid, there is a chance that this garment becomes a misprint. It would be unreasonable for us to re-set up the screens just to print this single shirt, so we would refund you. It’s always best to order extra garments.

We try to minimize it, but misprints do happen and we cannot predict when. Please work with us and plan ahead.


In the unlikely event of a problem, you should inform Volcano Screen Prints with in 48hrs and in writing within 7 days of receipt of the goods. Upon agreement with us, the goods should then be returned (reasonable postage costs will be borne by Volcano Screen Prints or we will arrange a collection via courier). Goods will be replaced should the complaint be found valid.

Goods that are not faulty and were customised to the agreed specification cannot be returned or exchanged. Customised goods cannot be returned or exchanged due to incorrect fitting, or if you just didn’t like the way they turned out, or the colour is a little brighter or darker than you wanted. Neither will we accept returns from goods that have been worn or washed or damaged or if they did not arrive in time for your event.

To reiterate, please check your order as soon as it arrives and contact us within 48hrs if there are any problems with the goods you have received, quoting the Order Number. If goods are not rejected by the buyer within 7 days of receipt then they are deemed accepted