What is Embroidery?

Machine embroidery is a process whereby an industrial-style sewing machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate workwear and uniform adornment. It is also used in the music industry to decorate patches and hats.

Embroidery is a great professional-looking way of getting your company logo onto workwear. Whether it’s polos, Gilets or jackets. Give us a call if you are looking to customise your company uniform with perfectly embroidered workwear.

Polos, Gilets, Jackets & More

Embroidery is best suited to smaller left chest type prints, text and graphic logos. It’s hard wearing so the ideal choice for workwear and uniforms. the process involves a few different steps.

  • Make your artwork suitable for embroidery.
  • Convert the graphic into stitches, a process known as digitizing.
  • Fix your garment to a hoop to hold it in place while it is being embroidered
  • Stitch the graphic using the correct colour threads.
  • Remove any backing and topping, jump stitches and trims.